Clients are saying...


The best investment I've ever made

"Before finding Miranda, I worried about sinking a lot of money into a formulaic, one-size-fits-all experience that wouldn’t ultimately help me achieve my job search goals. Instead, I received practical advice and strategies that were immediately applicable to and tailored for my specific situation. She helped me define what my priorities were, and was incredibly supportive and encouraging.

The advice Miranda gave me for interviewing was a real game-changer. I gained the tools to make myself stand out in the application process and confidently present my skills and experience to potential employers. 

A few months after our sessions, I found a posting for my dream job. Miranda and I had one last strategy session before I submitted my application, and she gave me the confidence I needed to convince myself that I was ready for this major step forward in my career. I got the job and a 63% increase in salary. This career coaching experience was, without a doubt, the best investment I’ve ever made."

- Nina, Nonprofit Fundraising

I've already set and achieved concrete goals

“Miranda is magical. Our sessions have helped me to go from feeling confused and overwhelmed to identifying my career goals and finding clarity. With her help, I've already set and achieved concrete goals that have brought me closer to my future career.”

- Morgan, Immigration Law

Clarity and a renewed enthusiasm

“Miranda helped me to look at my job hunt in a number of new and incredibly helpful ways. She gave me simple assignments that forced me to think about what I was really looking for in my next professional experience. I went into my time with Miranda feeling cloudy and uninspired and left with both clarity and a renewed enthusiasm.”

- Rachel, Nonprofit Leadership

Gave me the tools to really take action

"Working with Miranda was the kick in the butt I needed. I had just started to ponder what I wanted to do next professionally, and Miranda gave me tools to really take action. She helped me to think outside the box I had created for myself, and she made sure I didn’t sell myself short. When I stumbled upon a job posting during our sessions, Miranda was happy to pivot to conversations specific to my cover letter, resume, and interviews.

Talking with her left me assured I had put my very best foot forward in the interview process. Ultimately I was offered the position, and because it aligned so perfectly with all of my strengths we had identified and the professional goals we had discussed, I felt completely confident in accepting the offer and moving in a new direction professionally.

I’d recommend Miranda to anyone who wants practical guidance or help thinking through their career options — she was great with the big picture conversations and equally great with the details."

- Lisa, Curriculum Development


Understood and supported

Miranda has a very gentle and caring way of challenging people to think about things in a new way, act differently, and try things they might not otherwise try. I really appreciate her coaching style because she always comes from a place of empathy. I walk away feeling understood and supported. If you’re considering working with Miranda, be willing to do some inner work and change your way of thinking because she will challenge you to do so. Which is an incredible thing!”

- Alyssa, Communications Manager

Pushed me to seek my highest potential

“Miranda really pushed me to seek my highest potential and motivated me to take action. I have a whole new outlook on where my strengths and interests lie, and she helped me get over my fear of networking. Even when we unexpectedly switched gears because I was offered a promotion, she was able to provide excellent advice in that area as well. 

Her guidance is invaluable, and if you put work and thought into the sessions (do the homework!) it will benefit you that much more. I would absolutely recommend working with Miranda."

- Katie, Accountant

An extra dose of confidence

"A good friend recommended working Miranda. I was hoping for some direction, inspiration, and something to help reveal the next step in my career, and I got a lot more than just those things.

Miranda is a great listener who helps people see what they have in themselves. I'd recommend her services to anyone who knows that something needs to change in their career, but they're not sure what.

Maybe you just need a little kick in the butt, or a little bit of motivation, or an extra dose of confidence. She can provide that." 

- Kayla, Strategic Communications