Update: Maternity Leave, Starting October 2015

I’m on maternity leave for the next 3-6 months, so I won’t be offering career coaching appointments during that time. Please read on if you’d like to learn more.

Things are a little quiet around here.

Summer has given way to fall. The days are cooler (we even saw a little snow this morning here in Minneapolis!). The evenings are dark after work, and we tend to tuck in for the night instead of venturing out exchanging hellos with neighbors on the paths and trails near our home.

The seasons are shifting in my life, too.

My husband and I are welcoming our first baby tomorrow. (Tomorrow!!!)

Today, we’re spending the day tucked in. Football’s on, the last of the newborn clothes have been washed and carefully placed in dresser drawers, and I just got up from a nap. I'm soaking in the quiet calm before this little one arrives and shakes up our world in a way I can't quite imagine, but welcome with open arms.

This next season of my life will be full of so much new.

New noises, colors, textures, and experiences. Baby squeals, cries, grunts, and hopefully plenty of laughs, too. Bright, colorful baby clothes and gear - much of it lovingly handed down to us by family and friends. New experiences that we’ll find our way through, one step at a time.

I also know that this next season of life will be full of new needs and values.

Anytime we're on the verge of a new transition, whether it's expecting a new baby or seeking out a new job, new needs and values tend to show up.

And it’s easy to just add the new thing to your plate, press on, and tackle it. To jump into “go” mode.

In times like these, it’s powerful to stop and sort out what’s changed and notice if there are shifts in what you value and need most in this season of your life.

What’s most important to me right now in my life? How might that shift with the changes ahead? How do the options I'm exploring support my needs and values? What do I need to make my days more satisfying and fulfilling? How can I do my best work?

Those are big questions, and if you look back on your career, your answers have no doubt shifted over time.

In this season of my life, here's what I know. And more importantly, how it impacts you:

  • I'm taking maternity leave, starting 10/15/18, to focus on our new baby.

  • During that time I won’t be offering career coaching appointments, checking email regularly, or writing new blog posts.

  • I’ll be back! I love career coaching and the incredible people I get to connect with through my work.

  • Interested in working together in the near future? I don’t have a definite return date set at this time, but I’m planning on returning in 3-6 months.

  • I’ll keep you informed about my return here on my blog, and I’ll also be posting updates on Instagram from time to time.

Me at Baby Shower.jpg

It might be a little nontraditional to leave you hanging without a definite return date. But that’s what feels right for me and my little family - and going with my gut and aligning my decisions with my values is what I’m all about! Especially in times of career transitions or new seasons of life. It’s a time to practice what I teach.

As soon as I’ve got a clearer return date and career coaching appointments available I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for all of your flexibility, understanding, and support!

I’m looking forward to connecting when I’m back, and wishing you all the best in the meantime.


Photo of leaves by Matt on Unsplash